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The Missouri Auction School

Founded in 1905

Special Note:

All 2019 Classes have been completed. 

The 2020 Class schedule will be announced in November.

The July class is the last class of 2019.
The July On-Site In-Residence Auction School Course.   This is our traditional auction school in person.
SAVE $200 with early bird registration by Tuesday, June 11. The early bird registration cost is only $1,395. (Regular registration fees paid after Tuesday, June 11 are $1,595.)
Classes start on Saturday, July 6. (Classes start Friday, July 5 for Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana and Georgia.)
The special pilot online program is completed.
There are no online auction school classes scheduled for 2020.
To see the class schedule, hover over 'Classes' at the top of the web
page. A drop-down list will appear and then click on 'Frequently Asked
Questions' for complete details about enrolling in the July auction school program.


Work for Yourself
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Why Become an Auctioneer


As an auctioneer, you'll have many options open to you. You can be your own boss or you can work for an auction company. Either way, you're in control of your own destiny. And your success will be directly related to the energy and effort you put forth.

As an auctioneer, you won't spend very many hours stuck behind a desk. Most of the time, you'll be out in the community arranging and selling personal property and real estate. It's exciting and fun because every day will be a new challenge.


 Outstanding Financial Rewards

Auctioneers are usually paid a commission, salary or set fee.  Salaries or set fees usually range from one hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per day.  Commissions can run anywhere from 2% to 30% of the gross sale.

You and your family will take pride in the fact that you're an auctioneer.   Because auctioneers work with top business people and valuable personal property and real estate, you'll be considered a leader in your community.


 Small Personal Investment

You can get a successful start in the auction business by investing a minimal amount of your time and money to attend the Missouri Auction School.  You'll be able to earn the money you've invested back quickly -- maybe even on your first or second auction.  That's why the Missouri Auction School is considered by many educators to be one of America's best educational bargains.

The auction business is a very people oriented business.  You'll be working everyday with sellers, buyers, judges, bankers, business leaders and other members of your community to sell products ranging from real estate to cars to antiques to business assets to livestock.

Working with Many Types of People and Products


Set your own Hours


The hours you work at your auction business are very flexible.  You'll be able to set your own pace.  Because many auctions are held in the evening or on the weekend, you can work at another job until you establish your business.  It's also the perfect second career.

During good financial times, people are willing to spend more and commissions are higher on each item.  During recessionary times, people hold auctions more often in order to raise money.  And certain types of auctions -- such as those for estates, autos and livestock markets -- are held regularly regardless of the economy.

Economic Protection

Why Attend the Missouri Auction School

"The Harvard of Auctioneering."
- Newsweek Magazine

The World's Oldest and Largest Auction School

The Missouri Auction School is the oldest and largest auction school in the world. From Great Britain to Australia, the school has an international reputation for producing top auctioneers in all fields. According to Newsweek, the school is the “Harvard of Auctioneering” — the best in providing motivated people like you with a solid foundation for building a successful career.

Founded in 1905, the Missouri Auction School has trained the bulk of the auctioneers in North America. For over a century, it has provided nationally recognized auction training as part of its curriculum. In the last few years it had students from all 50 US states, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, England, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Over a Century of Serving the Auction Profession

Explore Auction Specialties

Learn from the pros about your special areas of interest during in-depth workshops on antiques and collectibles, autos, real estate, art, machinery and equipment, livestock, business liquidations, farm, estates, government, bankruptcy, consignment and more.

Learn from a hand-picked staff of top professionals from across the country who are some of the most successful auctioneers today.

America's Most Prominent Auctioneers

Full Range of Topics

Find out how to do everything from developing your own chant to advertising your auctions, keeping records, clerking and cashiering practices, starting your own auction business and specializing in dozens of different types of auctions.

"The Harvard of Auctioneering."
- Newsweek Magazine

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Our Tradition

The Missouri Auction School program sets the industry standard for quality auctioneer training.