Missouri Auction School
Founded 1905

World's Oldest and Largest Auction School

Turn-of-the-century Missouri Auction School graduates personify the school's rich tradition of excellence


The auction business has a remarkable history. In 450 B.C., ancient Greek historian Herodotus referred to a Babylonian custom of offering maidens in marriage once a year to the highest bidder from an assembly. In Roman times, various auctions were held to dispose of the spoils and captives of war. And similar auctions have been held in all parts of the world ever since.
Auctions have been held here in the United States ever since our country was founded. Because it’s a very family-oriented business, early auctioneers generally learned basic skills and chanting styles from their fathers and grandfathers.
In 1905, the Missouri Auction School opened its doors. This school gave many auctioneers the opportunity — for the first time ever — to develop and perfect their skills in a professional environment alongside their peers.

Today, the auction method is more widely accepted than ever before. It’s fair. It’s fast. And it’s fun. But because of this wider acceptance, higher standards are being established. Many states have set educational requirements for auctioneers. And auctioneering specialties — such as real estate, antiques, business liquidations, livestock or autos — are now the rule rather than the exception.



At the Missouri Auction School, we’ve kept pace with the changes in the profession. For example, as specialization becomes increasingly popular, our skilled instructors are giving our students the specific information they need to establish a specialty.

The Missouri Auction School is the largest and most respected auction school in the world. As a result, we’re able to attract the widest range of instructors and students from around the globe. And that allows the best possible exchange of ideas and the best possible learning experience for everyone involved.