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To Request Verification of Attendance to obtain a State Auction License:

 Please include the following in the email requesting a replacement diploma or a letter of completion:

1. Full legal name

2. Your city and state of residence at the time you attended the Missouri Auction School.

3. Date and year you graduated. (if you do not know for certain, estimate approximate date and year)

4. *****VERY IMPORTANT***** Please provide the name of the state(s) you are applying to get an auctioneer's license.

5. Please allow up to 14 days to process requests.

Additional Information about auctioneer licensing:

A. If you are a licensed auctioneer in your state and you want a license in another state, many states will issue a reciprocal license if you meet certain requirements and therefore you will merely need to show you have an auctioneer's license in your state. This is called Reciprocity. Please check with the state auctioneer regulatory agency first.

B. Some states may have required that you attend for additional days when you originally attended auction school. We will need to verify your exact attendance record to see if you qualify for the state license from those states.

C. There is no uniform national auctioneer law.

D. Not all states have an auctioneer license.

E. Not all states have the same requirements. You will need to check with the regulatory agency in whatever state(s) you want to obtain a license.

F. Some states require that the school fill out a state form or provide a notarized certification of attendance. Some states require the letter or form to be sent directly to the regulatory agency from the school and not to be sent to the auction license applicant to file themselves.