Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for school?

Because licensing requirements vary from state to state, your exact class schedule depends on the states where you will conduct auctions.

The summer 2018 Missouri Auction School dates have not been scheduled yet. The dates will be posted on our website when they are set.

Early bird discount cost is only $995.

Auction School cost is only $1,095. You can save $100 by pre-paying 16 days in advance of the class start date for a total of only $995.

How much does school cost?

The length of time you attend is determined by the state’s auction license requirements.

How long do I attend?

What will I receive when I enroll?

When we receive your tuition payment, each student will receive immediate access for our online Quick Start™ pre-course practice program.

Dress is casual and comfortable. You will be sitting listening to lectures, up learning to chant or selling at a local auction. You do not need to dress up for the student auction. One day we will take a group photo. Some students dress up (suit coats or dress clothes), but you are free to dress however you would like for the photo.

How should I dress for school?

Do I need to bring a laptop computer?

There is no need to bring a laptop computer to class.

There is a restaurant at the hotel. There are additional restaurants, including fast food restaurants, down the street and on the hotel parking lot. Meals are not provided by the school.

Where will I eat during school?

Do I need to have an auction chant before I attend class?

The majority of students do not have an auctioneer’s chant when they start auction school classes. It is recommended that you do not attempt to teach yourself to chant. We will teach you the chant. Just practice along with our online Quick Start™ pre-course practice program before you come to school.

The summer 2018 Missouri Auction School dates have not been scheduled yet. The dates will be posted on our website when they are set.

Where should I stay during the class?

What should I do to prepare to attend the Missouri Auction School?

There is nothing required to prepare to go to auction school. Just come to school ready to learn the chant and the auction business.

If you have some time, you may want to attend auctions and observe how the auction company organizes the auction.

a. Notice where the auctioneer is located in relation to the crowd.

b. Is there a second or third auctioneer?

c. Do they have one or more bid spotters or ring persons?

d. Where does the clerk sit?

e. How are they checking in the bidders and distributing the bid cards?

f. How are the auction items displayed?

g. Do they have food available?

h. Are there public restrooms?

i. How does the auction company handle parking?

At auction school we discuss the various ways that auction companies organize their auctions. There is not only one correct way to set up an auction. We will present different philosophies about running an auction business.

Remember, don’t try to imitate the auctioneer's chant, let us help you develop a good chant.

The auction business is perfect for part time employment. Many auctions are held at times when individuals with full time employment are available. Much of the work is in the evenings and weekends.

We always have some students who are planning on setting up a part time auction business that they will later transition into full work as the business grows.

There are also some students who are planning to transition into full time or part time work when they retire.

Can I go into the auction business part-time?

What is needed to go into the auction business?

Of course you will need to go to auction school to learn the auction business and learn to chant. Most auctioneers have a PA system.

Beyond that, you likely already have what’s needed. You will need a computer, a phone, and a vehicle. Many auction companies are run out of the auctioneer’s home, so you do not need an office location.

Yes. You will learn the auctioneer’s chant. We will have a lecture on conducting charity auctions. The lecture will include lots of ideas for auction items, as well as how to set up the charity auction.

What if I am only interested in being an auctioneer for charity fundraiser auctions? Is this class right for me?

Should I set up an auction center before attending the Missouri Auction School?

You do not need to have an auction business or an auction center set up before attending auction school.

If you already own a building that you anticipate may be your auction center, we suggest you wait until after you graduate from auction school to complete setting up the auction facility.

You will learn about various ways other auction companies have set up their centers.

Remember, many auction companies do not have an auction facility. They conduct on-site auctions. For example, estate auctions, farm auctions, and business liquidation auctions are usually held on-site at the farm, estate or liquidating business and do not require you to have your own building.

If you only occasionally need a building for an auction you can rent a building for the auction. You do not need to buy a building.