Kansas Schedule - Online - Wednesday, June 10 to Friday, June 19  

This Schedule is for Residents of Kansas.  Kansas Resident means the student has a Kansas driver's license.  June 2020 is an updated pilot online auction school course.
To receive the maximum education the student must be available on the following days:
June 10 (Wednesday), June 11 (Thursday), and June 12 (Friday)  The student will be expected to listen to the online lessons which teach the basics of a good chant.  The student will need to practice these beginning chant principles after listening to that day's lessons. The student needs to allow between 1-3 hours for practicing the principles in each of the lessons.  These days will be listening to the lessons & practicing.
June 13 (Saturday) and June 14 (Sunday).  These two days will include a small group chant class (group conference call OR group video conferencing) each day with an auctioneer instructor.  The remainder of the time on these two days, the student should practice the chant on their own for a few hours to prepare for the next day’s small group chant class (group conference call OR group video conferencing).  The student will be assigned a group conference call OR group video conferencing time each day.  Instructions will be provided for the student with directions on how to call into the conference call OR group video conferencing.
June 13 (Saturday) thru June 19 (Friday)  The student will have access to all of the on-demand videos covering all aspects of the auction business.  The student may take these on-demand video lectures any time day or night during the week of June 13.  These on-demand video lectures are available online 24 hours a day.  Listening to these on-demand video auction business lectures is required.  The student should allot  2-4 hours daily to listen to the videos.  The student can also listen to all the videos all at once (binge watch) if the student prefers.
June 15 (Monday), June 16 (Tuesday), June 17  (Wednesday), June 18 (Thursday), and June 19 (Friday) will be OPTIONAL small group chant improvement conference calls OR group video conferencing with several Missouri Auction School instructors & auctioneers. Instructors will include world champion auctioneers.  The dates and times will be dependent on the auctioneer teacher’s schedule.   The student is not required to participate in any of these sessions.  The student can sign up for any conference call OR group video conferencing chant improvement sessions.  SEE BELOW for information on the OPTIONAL conference call OR group video conferencing sessions.

Required Sessions

Instructor: Paul Dewees, President of the Missouri Auction School - Topic: Chant Improvement  

Paul is a nationally known auctioneer and auction educator.  He has conducted auctions in 29 states and has been a featured speaker on auctions across the United States and in several countries around the world.  He has sold autos, US customs auctions, real estate, business liquidations, and equipment.  He is also an instructor for the Certified Appraisers Guild, the largest personal property appraiser organization in the United States.

Optional Sessions

During the week of Monday, June 15 to Friday, June 19 you will be encouraged to take the following optional sessions.  Each instructor will hold their session on one day during that week,  Exact daily schedule to be announced.

Instructor: Ron Kreis from Ohio - Topic: Chant Improvement

Ron is a former World Livestock Auctioneer Champion.  Ron also sells purebred livestock.  In addition, Ron has sold many heavy equipment auctions across the US and Europe.  He has also sold at the largest annual Barrett-Jackson classic car auction in Phoenix.  His family owns a consignment auction.
This session will concentrate on developing the auction chant.

Instructor: Jon Schaben from Iowa - Topic: Livestock Market, Charity/Fundraising Auctions – Chant

Jon is a former World Livestock Auctioneer Champion.  He owns and auctions at livestock markets in Iowa and Nebraska.  Jon also auctions real estate and estate auctions.
Jon is known across Iowa as a fantastic charity/fundraiser auctioneer.  Jon holds the Iowa state fundraising auction record for Special Olympics and the Iowa State University athletic department.
This session will concentrate on developing the chant. 

Instructor: Sean Fraley from California - Topic: Antique Auctions &/or Government Auctions - Chant

Sean conducts large government auctions across the country.  These government auctions sell seized government property.  Sean also has extensive experience selling art, collectibles and antique auctions.

Instructor:  Dwayne Craig from Arkansas - Topic: Real Estate Auctions, Auto/Heavy Equipment Auctions, Antique Auctions - Chant Improvement

Dwayne is a former Arkansas State Champion Auctioneer. Dwayne has owned several Real Estate Auction companies in Oklahoma & Arkansas. He has sold real estate at auction across the U.S. working as a contract auctioneer for a New England real estate auction company.
In addition, Dwayne has sold auto auctions for over 10 years.  He has sold heavy equipment auctions in the US, Europe, & the Philippines.
Dwayne has sold estate auctions and antique auctions.

Instructor:  Rob Nord from Illinois - Topic: Government Auctions, Real Estate Auctions & Consignment Auctions - Chant Improvement

Rob has owned and operated a prosperous auction company for decades.  His consignment auctions include general merchandise. Other auctions are specialty auctions, like antique toys. 
He also has a Real Estate Auction Service.  He has traveled across the US selling government auctions.  He has been featured on national TV shows about high-value government seizure auctions

Instructor: Brian Little from Oklahoma - Topic: Livestock Auctions – Chant Improvement

Brian is a former International Livestock Auctioneer Champion.  He owns and auctions at his livestock market in southern Kansas.
This session will be to help the students improve their chant.  This session is recommended for all students including those who want to sell livestock.

Instructor: Densil Allen from Missouri - Topic: Farm, Household, Estate Auctions, Consignment Auctions, Charity Auctions - Chant Improvement

Densil has successfully conducted farm, household, and estate auctions for decades.   He has owned an auction company that has sold auctions in many states.
Densil has extensive experience selling charity auctions.

For more information about auctions in Kansas or the auction profession email us at info@auctionschool.com  Please include your first name, last name, state, and phone number.

The June session is the last session in 2020. The 2021 class schedule has not been set yet.